This industry is always trying to stay on top when it comes to technology.  There are always changes, upgrades, and unwanted hands that cause a system to act faulty.  We have found that many do it yourself-ers, relatives, electricians, and less experienced low voltage contractors often do not get the results that the end user was hoping for, and then require further assistance to get things working well.  That’s where we come in…..we focus on troubleshooting the problems, offer solutions/recommendations to resolve the issues, and allow the client to determine the best course of action.  It’s not uncommon that we hear very positive feedback when we have improved the sound, video, and/or functionality of a system, when we’re only there to figure out why something is not operating correctly.  A lot of homes include existing cabling, which is often difficult to determine what it was once intended for…..In most cases, we are able to decipher the benefits and explain the limits of the existing cabling.